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God thank you for being a miracle-working God. Thank you for showing yourself Mighty and strong and our lives. We give your name all praise and all glory Lord. We give you what is due to you God. You Are Holy. You love us. You are wonderful. You are a mighty God. You care for us even more then our dearest love one. More than our mother and father, more than our spouses and significant others. You are so wonderful. You are doing miracles in the world today. You are doing it right before our eyes. People are getting up from their sick beds and they are walking. They are living; they are running and they are on fire for you God! It is a marvelous sight in our eyes. We give you praise. We worship you and we magnify you. To God be the glory! To God be the glory for the things that He has done. We love you and we honor you today. And we just say thank you. Thank you for proving yourself and doing it for us yet again. Thank you for being a way-maker and a miracle worker. Thank you for keeping your promises to us. We love you! We bless you! In Jesus name. Amen.

2020- February 27 Week 26 Prayer

2020- February 20 Week 25 Prayer

2020- February 13 Week 24 Prayer

2020- February 6 Week 23 Prayer

2020- January 30 Week 22 Prayer

2020- January 23 Week 21 Prayer

2020- January 16 Week 20 Prayer

2020- January 9 Week 19 Prayer

2020- January 2 Week 18 Prayer

2019- December 26 Week 17 Prayer

2019- December 19 Week 16 Prayer

2019- December 12 Week 15 Prayer

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2019- November 27 Week 13 Prayer

2019- November 21 Week 12 Prayer

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2019- November 7 Week 10 Prayer

2019- October 31 Week 9 Prayer

2019- October 24 Week 8 Prayer

2019- October 17 Week 7 Prayer

2019- October 10 Week 6 Prayer

2019- October 3 Week 5 Prayer

2019- September 26 Week 4 Prayer

2019- September 19 Week 3 Prayer

2019- September 12 Week 2 Prayer

  1. Asking GODS will over my life. Asking GODS direction over the calling he has set for my path. Asking GOD…

  2. Tiffany Davis on Home

    Thank you GOD!!! I receive it. Use us GOD!!! Where two or more are gathered in your name. You are…

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